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Juan Sanchez,
Player, Tus Osdorf, Hamburg, Germany
"I think this initiative is coming at the best moment, when table tennis community is needing connections between players, coaches and clubs to grow and show diversity in our sport. I love your idea. Thank you very much for making table tennis more interesting and putting together a lot of players and clubs!"
Loa Schihin Schoug,
Player, Åstorps BTK & BTK Rekord, Sweden
"Table Tennis Transfers is a revolutionary platform which professionalizes our beloved sport. This kind of platform makes it easier for everyone in the world to connect with each other and together develop as coaches and players, as well as our academies and clubs. Very happy about it!"
Eddy Zeile,
Head coach, Dublin Table Tennis Club, Ireland
"TTT is a great platform that provides networking within our sport. Creates a community of people and clubs to be able to communicate and come together to create new possibilities for all involved. Either it is to get a new club, new player or a coach. There is someone on this platform that can help you or you can help them for the sport and growth. The platform can put you on a map and promote yourself or club to the world of table tennis."
Michael Olufemi Oyebode,
Head Coach ASD Circolo Prato 2010, Italy
"Table Tennis Transfers really impressed me, because as a table tennis coach, I think it is of great importance for players, coaches, clubs and countries to interact. On Table Tennis Transfers, players and coaches are advertised and you can really get to meet top players, top coaches, and even upcoming players. This is a wonderful platform! I recommend that players, coaches and clubs should join TTT!"