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Singeorzan Bogdan,
Player, TTS Borsum, Germany
"I absolutely support TTT! Fantastic idea that can revolutionize the sport!"
Daniel Rojnić,
Sports Director, STK Pula, Croatia
"Simple, clear and functional! Awesome! My sincerest recommendations!"
Rosen Alexandrov,
Sports Physiotherapist, Portugal National Table Tennis Team
"With few clicks you can find your new player, club or coach... Brilliant!"
Kayque Valois,
Player, Pamplona Oberena, Spain
"Awesome! What a brilliant thing for table tennis people around the world!"
Krstevski Aleks,
Player, STK Pula, Croatia
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Ahmad Saadawi,
Player, Al Gharafa Sports Club, Qatar
"This is something we all were waiting for! Superb idea and presentation!"
Boris Vukelić,
Head Coach, Bahrain Junior/Senior National Team
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! Simple, clear and functional! My sincerest recommendations! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Lari Pucar,
Tabletennis and phisical condition coach, STK Pula, Croatia
"Brilliant service and platform for table tennis community. It will be of great help to players, coaches, clubs and associations!"

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