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Fatemeh Shirali,
Player/coach, LTTV Leutzscher Fuchse 1990 e.V., Germany
"Well, as you may already know, Table Tennis Transfers is the first & best platform that gets together all athletes, coaches and clubs. I suggest everyone to join, because using this site is useful for everyone to be able to make more connections, which is the most important thing right now."
TT Santa Tecla Nulvi,
Club, Italy
"TTT is an excellent platform and it’s a great thing for table tennis. It is the best way to connect table tennis clubs, players and coaches from all over the world. Discovering TTT has opened a new world for us: in less than two months we have known a lot of good people who love this game, and it’s very positive for us to start collaborations with people from different parts of the world. We appreciate Table Tennis Transfers project and we believe in it, so keep it up!"
Vincent Henriquez,
Coach, Halmstad BTK, Sweden
"TTT is a great, modern way to contact and connect people all over the world. The platform is very much in line with the times of social media which - I dare to say - is important for the growth of the network between all people involved in this ever growing beautiful sport!"
Milcho Uzunov,
Player Argogroup(Bulgaria), Le Havre(France)
Coach Technical University Sofia
"The platform is working because I can see a lot of my table tennis friends around the world with whom I have good memories from our common past in sport. Also, I have found new table tennis active people who are interested in my activities and my future in table tennis. It is great that this platform is not only an idea, but a functioning and instrumental website."
Utkarsh Gupta,
Player, India
"It is a great platform for all the table Tennis players. One can easily connect with the best clubs, players and coaches globally. TTT is an amazing platform for upcoming enthusiastic youth."
TTC Sanse, Madrid,
Marco Antonio Astudillo
"From my point of view, you are doing a great job. For us, as a professional table tennis center, it is incredibly important to provide our players with high quality clubs, so our goals here meet up. Looking forward to a great cooperation in the future!"
Tomislav Markotić,
Player, STK Vodovod Osijek, Croatia
"TTT is a great idea because it connects the whole table tennis community in a very simple way. It enables new acquaintances that benefit everyone, improves the sport we all love, and brings it to a new level."
Eric Mancini,
Coach, Itaim Keiko, Brasil
"An online platform that helps in connecting players, coaches and clubs. What a great initiative, even more so because of the fact that my former Croatian coach Daniel Rojnic is behind it!"
Tammam Hajj Chehade,
Player, Beirut Sporting Club, Lebanon
"Great initiative from TTT having a platform that gathers all table tennis professionals from all corners of the globe. This will increase players’ encounters with more ideas, advices, and skills to share, which in the end will make the game more and more popular. Wishing the TTT community all the best!"
Tibor Pofok,
Player/Coach, Tibor`s Table Tennis Dublin, Ireland
"Table Tennis Transfers is a great idea and a great thing for the international table tennis community. Good way to socialize, have fun and get a bit exercise as well. Having the chance to speak one on one to promote table tennis and encourage players to play, and provide more information about the sport. It`s the best thing to happen in international table tennis family in a very long time. Thank you very much for providing us with this page."
Himel Faisal,
Player, Birman Bangladesh Airlines, Bangladesh
"Something completely new for our sport! On Table Tennis Transfers you can promote yourself for free and connect with others. Great idea and excellent platform!"
Aleksandrs Pahomovs,
Player, Latvia
"TTT is an excellent platform! Very simple and easy to use. I wish you the best of luck!"
Rohit Chakraborty,
Player, India
"TTT is a brilliant sports platform that has gathered all table tennis players, coaches and clubs to connect globally and also to boost their careers. You have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the world. It's a place where all coaches, players and clubs share the beauty and the updates in our lovely T.T. game. Thank you so much TTT for making such an amazing platform!"
David Diniz,
Coach/player Vitoria FC(Portugal) and Coach in TTPOR - Academia de Ténis de Mesa de Setúbal(Portugal)
"A brilliant platform, where everyone benefits! And at a very troubled time, the entire Table Tennis Community needs all possible help. May they continue this excellent work for much longer! Congratulations!"
William Björklund,
Player and Coach at Halmstad BTK (Sweden)
"Table Tennis Transfers is really a unique platform for all table tennis enthusiasts around the world. TTT is giving you the opportunity to recruit/find new players, clubs/academies and coaches all over the world, which gives you global contacts to receive new co-operations. This is what table tennis needs to go to the next level as in other sports. We need to work together for the development of table tennis, and TTT are giving us just that! It will have a great impact in our sport. A really good initiative!"
Ferenc Horvath,
Head Coach, Paragon Table Tennis, United Kingdom
"A much-needed community platform for all table tennis enthusiasts, especially for those who live for and by this sport. The idea of connecting clubs, players and coaches worldwide in such a way is a challenging but brilliant undertaking."
Maria Christoforaki,
Coach in Sweden
"Table Tennis Transfers is a unique community that brings table tennis world together. As a player, coach or a club, you have the opportunity to find yourself and cooperate with people from all over the world, share knowledge and experiences, and help the sport grow. I will definitely recommend you! Best of luck to TTT community!"
Murtada Hussain,
Player, Saar club, Bahrain
"Table Tennis Transfers is really an amazing website. We have been waiting for this project for a long time, and TTT made this project for us! Really nice thing."
Malek El Tawil,
Lebanese national coach
"Table Tennis Transfers is a brilliant social sports platform that has gathered all table tennis family around the world on one page. It is really a place where all coaches, players, and clubs share the beauty and all the updates in our lovely ping pong game. Grateful for being a part of this big family."
Harsh Sachanandani,
Player, India
"I believe TTT is an excellent website as it makes easier for players and coaches to connect globally. Moreover, it boosts their careers. I genuinely feel it's a revolutionary idea. Wish you all the best TTT, and thank you so much for making such an amazing platform."
Taiwo Mati,
Player, No.1 in Africa and No.8 in WR U-15
"What a brilliant platform! I really enjoyed using it. It helps in bringing together table tennis players all around the globe. I wish you best of luck!"
Ivana Grgić,
Player, STK Bjelovar, Croatia
"TTT is a great platform that makes it easy to connect players and clubs from all over the world. I think this platform is very important for table tennis and should be supported. Great idea, well done!"
Mahmoud Ashraf Helmy,
Player, TTC Wohlbach, Germany
"It's a great platform to help players and coaches, and even clubs get their specific needs met easily."
Brittany Joseph,
Trinidad and Tobago
Player, Queens Park Cricket Club, Trinidad and Tobago
"A centralized platform that allows players, coaches and clubs to connect is what table tennis needed. Table Tennis Transfers is just that."
Juan Sanchez,
Player, Tus Osdorf, Hamburg, Germany
"I think this initiative is coming at the best moment, when table tennis community is needing connections between players, coaches and clubs to grow and show diversity in our sport. I love your idea. Thank you very much for making table tennis more interesting and putting together a lot of players and clubs!"
Loa Schihin Schoug,
Player, Åstorps BTK & BTK Rekord, Sweden
"Table Tennis Transfers is a revolutionary platform which professionalizes our beloved sport. This kind of platform makes it easier for everyone in the world to connect with each other and together develop as coaches and players, as well as our academies and clubs. Very happy about it!"
Eddy Zeile,
Head coach, Dublin Table Tennis Club, Ireland
"TTT is a great platform that provides networking within our sport. Creates a community of people and clubs to be able to communicate and come together to create new possibilities for all involved. Either it is to get a new club, new player or a coach. There is someone on this platform that can help you or you can help them for the sport and growth. The platform can put you on a map and promote yourself or club to the world of table tennis."
Michael Olufemi Oyebode,
Head Coach ASD Circolo Prato 2010, Italy
"Table Tennis Transfers really impressed me, because as a table tennis coach, I think it is of great importance for players, coaches, clubs and countries to interact. On Table Tennis Transfers, players and coaches are advertised and you can really get to meet top players, top coaches, and even upcoming players. This is a wonderful platform! I recommend that players, coaches and clubs should join TTT!"
Boris Vukelić,
Head Coach, Bahrain Junior/Senior National Team
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! Simple, clear and functional! My sincerest recommendations! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Jide Ogidiolu,
Player, Ponta do Pargo, Portugal
"Great way to connect with table tennis players, coaches, clubs. You can find what you are looking for or be found. Thank you for an amazing website!"
Aleksey Yefremov,
Head Coach Region Vest Norwegian TTA, Norway
"Great idea and nice implementation. Simple. Convenient. Useful. Best of luck to TTT & all members of this community!"
Alyass Alyassy,
Player, CTT Olot, Spain
"TTT is something completely new in table tennis with a bright future! My recommendation to all players, clubs and coaches. Congratulations to TTT!"
Kayque Valois,
Player, Pamplona Oberena, Spain
"Awesome! What a brilliant thing for table tennis people around the world!"
Jakov Krivic,
Senior Coach Aspire Academy, Qatar
"Brilliant platform! Very easy to register and to use. Congratulations to TTT team and best of luck."
Mohammed Abdulwahab,
Player, Qatar Sports Club, Qatar
"Great website! It really looks good! I think TTT has a great potential, and table tennis needs projects like this."
Radovan Zunjanin,
Head Coach STK PPT, Chairman/Head coach expert commission of the Central Serbia
"TTT is a story that is much needed by table tennis. It opens up many possibilities. TTT is connection people. Big support from me!"
Aleks Krstevski,
Player, STK Pula, Croatia
"Well done TTT! An amazing site! I wish you best of luck in your efforts!"
Christian Björklund,
Table Tennis Coach, Sweden
"I think Table Tennis Transfers is an innovation in our sport. It gives all coaches and players an opportunity to build relationships and spread knowledge between each other. Big thanks for an amazing website!"
Ahmad Saadawi,
Player, Al Gharafa Sports Club, Qatar
"This is something we all were waiting for! Superb idea and presentation!"
Lari Pucar,
Tabletennis and physical condition coach, STK Pula, Croatia
"Brilliant service and platform for table tennis community. It will be of great help to players, coaches, clubs and academies!"
Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club
Durham, United Kingdom
"Great idea. Bringing table tennis world communication in to the modern era."
Hugo Sousa,
Coach, G.D.C.S.Junca, Portugal
"It was necessary in table tennis world to have a platform that connects players, coaches and clubs. For me as a coach it is essential to have a tool to reach coaches and players. This is what Table Tennis Transfer offers to us all. I have to thank this amazing team for a great website."
Jiri Martinko,
Czech Republic
Player, TUS Celle, Germany
"I think that TTT is a very good idea that can help every player find a club, and clubs to find players. Recommended."
Tina Kupinić,
Player, ATC San Sebastian, Spain
"Great way to connect with table tennis people from around the world, find a sparring partner, a coach, a club or a player. You can find what you are looking for or be found by someone who is looking for someone just like you. Aboslutely recommended!"
Tarek Hassan Shahin,
Coach in Egypt
"I like this platform because it helps coaches and players to get their needs met. Also, it's easier to have a good communication between clubs, coaches, and players."
Rosen Alexandrov,
Sports Physiotherapist, Portugal National Table Tennis Team
"With few clicks you can find your new player, club or coach... Brilliant!"
Bogdan Singeorzan,
Player, TTS Borsum, Germany
"I absolutely support TTT! Fantastic idea that can revolutionize the sport!"
Odbayar Khasbaatar,
Coach - Mongolian Table Tennis Association
"Good luck with your platform! I firmly believe that Table Tennis Transfers will help many table tennis coaches and players, as well as bring new and welcoming changes to our lives. This is a thing that we really needed!"


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