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Nikola Popov,
Coach, Serbia
"I just want to give you a high five for creating such a site and trying to gather the table tennis community at one place. I wish you lots of success!"
Sadiki Hines,
Player, Jamaica
"A platform that connects players, coaches, and clubs from all corners of the world has truly been long overdue. I am very impressed and elated that the team at TT Transfers has taken the initiative to create such a platform, so I am looking forward to the positive impacts it will have on the international table tennis community. Table Tennis Transfers is just what table tennis needs."
Fatemeh Shirali,
Player/coach, LTTV Leutzscher Fuchse 1990 e.V., Germany
"Well, as you may already know, Table Tennis Transfers is the first & best platform that gets together all athletes, coaches and clubs. I suggest everyone to join, because using this site is useful for everyone to be able to make more connections, which is the most important thing right now."
TT Santa Tecla Nulvi,
Club, Italy
"TTT is an excellent platform and it’s a great thing for table tennis. It is the best way to connect table tennis clubs, players and coaches from all over the world. Discovering TTT has opened a new world for us: in less than two months we have known a lot of good people who love this game, and it’s very positive for us to start collaborations with people from different parts of the world. We appreciate Table Tennis Transfers project and we believe in it, so keep it up!"